The Catch

The Catch

Artist: Steve Nayar

Medium: Oil on canvas

Size: H:67 x W:1m20

Price: £3,200.

Beyond the obvious, the catch is that if we continue to plunder our oceans at the current rate then it will lead to our own demise. At first glance the painting appears to be of fish and it is only then that we notice the naked female. This is intentional, implying that our focus is on the catch, not of the consequences of over-fishing. However, once the human element is seen, it’s difficult to ignore. The angle of her body and the tone and colour of her hair receding into the background, together with her crossed, tail-fin like, feet echo the fish that surround her. There is also a gentle nod towards the mythological mermaid. But, the nakedness here and the sense of abandonment, adds a feeling of vulnerability to the whole painting. In the painting, the woman acts as a symbol for humankind. Scaled down to the same size as the fish, we appear less powerful, the hunter becoming the victim of its own success.


Scientists claim that although over-fishing and climate change continue to tighten their grip, there is hope in the science of restoration. As recent studies show that if you stop killing sea life and protect it, then it does come back.