‘VENEZIA – The Lagoon and her Islands’


Allison Zurfluh – Benjamin Lintell – Paul Riley – Tom Rickman

24th May – 16th June 2024


‘Pesca Novello’ by Allison Zurfluh

This May galleries night we are thrilled to be partnering with the fantastic Seahorse Restaurant in Dartmouth. Their close ties with al Gatto Nero in Burano have inspired a Venetian exhibition.

We will be welcoming the work of Venetian based artist Allison Zurfluh whose work is dedicated to capturing the life, biodiversity and ever changing nature of the Venetian Lagoon. Her work naturally advocates the protection of one of the world’s most beloved wetlands, and generates awareness of the perils facing its ancestral fishing methods, local culture, and a sustainable lifestyle. We are thrilled that Allison will be travelling from Venice to attend the exhibition and answer any questions you may have about her work and the Venetian lagoon so close to her heart.

Benjamin Lintell is a Plymouth College of Art graduate in glassblowing. He has been highly honoured to be chosen to apprentice at the prestigious Wave Murano Glass studio where he has been perfecting his craft alongside some of the world’s finest glassblowers. We are proud to be able to also have the chance to share his work with you.

Tom Rickman and Paul Riley are two UK based artists who are no strangers to Venetian light, atmosphere and the lagoon. Tom has held many exhibitions in Venice over the years and Paul regularly teaches watercolour painting in both the city and her neighbouring islands. Both have a deep personal love for the area that is evident in their paintings. Light, motion, beauty, mystery ..even smells and sounds appear to emanate from their work and transport you back to wonderful Venice!



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