Check out our info on our ‘ABOUT US ‘ page with gives some interesting back history to the family and our involvement in art over the 3 generations. Well worth checking out…

2. In April we are off to Cheltenham for the Fresh art Fair held at the racecourse from 27th-29th April. We’ll be taking the work of Jilly Sutton, Paul Riley, Bill Bate, Steve Nayar and Alison Pullen. Do let us know if you wish to attend and we’ll send you a ticket or two.


Come May, gallery favourite, James Stewart will be unleashing his artistic talent on the gallery once more with a solo exhibition of greatest hits. In a show entitled ‘Here’s one I made earlier!’, it will be a showcase of new work of James’s favourite themes from the past. A few large seminal pieces from the past will also be on display. A range of sizes, materials and subject matters promise to make this a hugely enjoyable exhibition.


Plans are still afoot for the latter part of the year. Depending on how the search goes around the degree shows in June we’ll either be doing a Rising Stars show in October or revisiting our Palette to palate food exhibition. Or who knows maybe something else entirely! Watch this space for more info in the coming months.